The Environment & Us

The Printroom Group – Environmental Policy Statement

We will manage our environmental commitment by incorporating this system into our business activities, regularly reviewing the system and by documenting the system and making it accessible to all staff and the public.

  • Continually look at material use and waste production in order to reduce its impact through using the best available techniques where appropriate
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and other requirements relating to our business activities
  • Reduce energy use through better management and monitoring
  • Use processes, practices and materials to prevent pollution
  • Train and educate our staff, and people working on behalf of the company, to enable our environment objectives to be achieved
  • Continually evaluate, develop and improve all areas of our business

Environmental Awareness

In recent years, companies have placed an increasing emphasis on environmental awareness. The Printroom Group’s green approach has met the desire for print-on-demand, short run and personalised mailing, which has resulted in greater efficiency and less wastage per customer.


With the many challenges facing our environment, The Printroom Group have made environmental sustainability one of our key business objectives and, as a result, have implemented the following to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • sorting and recycling all waste
  • sourcing all paper from sustainable sources
  • investing in web-to-print and electronic print ordering,
  • further reducing paperwork between customer and supplier

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