Four-Hour Print Turnaround Becoming A Reality………….

Becoming A Reality………….We Have Been Doing it Since The 70’s (And A Lot Of The Time Faster Than That!)

I have just read an article in one of the trade magazines stating that a print supplier in Manchester is now offering a four-hour turnaround on printing. What a great idea… the thing is The Printroom Group has been offering this service since the 70’s!

When we started, clients would drop in photocopying to us and it was printed While-You-Wait. The business may have grown and technology may have changed since then but, in essence, it’s still the same concept.

One recent example came this Friday when a client called asking if we could print 3000 double-sided flyers for an event that he was attending on Saturday morning. Within 10 minutes the files were sent to us and straight onto one of our presses. They were cut down as they came off the machine and delivered to the client’s home address that night.

But it’s not just simple flyers that can be printed in such a short space of time, our Canon imagePRESS C10000VP includes an online finishing unit and will trim, score and fold in one hit so that a finished book comes out of the press in one go.

This service is used by the many corporate clients that we serve on a daily basis for their printed collateral, sometimes for the same day and shipped out in a couple of hours.

If a tender has to be somewhere, we do it. If brochures need to be at an exhibition, we do it.

One of our clients is a high-end marketing and communications agency based in London. They work with high-end clients such as GSK, PepsiCo and BP, amongst other blue chips. Brochures and posters are sent to us using various software (usually not print-ready) and need to be delivered within hours. Offering a streamlined and reactive service, the print is delivered to an excellent quality and within the shortest of time frames.

So for us the four-hour time frame is a thing of the past — we deliver your print when you need it.

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