Embracing Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions in 2024

We’re dedicated to advancing our eco-friendly printing products, ensuring our customers can choose sustainability without compromising quality. Let’s debunk some common myths about printed products and explore our innovative alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Roller Banner Alternatives

Pillow Stand

Slightly shorter than pull-up banners, the Pillow Stand offers sturdy support with recyclable corrugated card reinforcement. Though it takes a bit longer to produce than traditional roller banners, its neat foldability makes storage a breeze. While reusable, it’s recommended for occasional use due to potential weakening after folding.


  • 5 stands: £125.00 each
  • 10 stands: £88.00 each
  • 25 stands: £75.00 each

Cardboard Roller Banner Stand with PVC Free Graphic

Utilizing a cardboard mechanism and Kavalan PVC Free stock, this option champions eco-friendliness. The banner, inclusive of materials and assembly, costs £190.00 each.

Eco Stand

Crafted from Ultra board, a recycled material, the Eco Stand provides rigidity and a stable base. With the ability to fold into a compact pack, it’s reusable and available at £120 per banner with a minimum order of 5 banners.

Environmentally Friendly Printing Insights for 2024

We’re proud to share that all our paper is FSC accredited, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable practices. FSC accreditation ensures trees are grown exclusively for paper and card production, maintaining a cycle of planting and culling. Contrary to a common myth, our paper doesn’t contribute to deforestation, and the FSC scheme protects both the environment and indigenous communities.

For more information on sustainable printing, explore these links:

Print on-Demand: A Carbon-Positive Approach

Print-on-demand emerges as a carbon-positive solution, printing only what’s necessary when needed. This approach minimizes waste, adheres to FSC-approved stocks, and seamlessly integrates with our Marketing Portals.

Bio-Degradable Lamination

Enhance your brochures with bio-degradable laminate, adding a professional touch without PVC. This laminate composts within two years, leaving no soil contaminants behind.

PVC Free Roller Banners and Inks

Opting for HP Original Inks in our large format printing, we ensure quality and environmental responsibility. Unbranded inks from unknown sources often result in rapid colour fading. PVC-free roller banners, with recyclable mechanisms and graphics, outshine cardboard or fabric alternatives environmentally.

Exhibition Pop-Ups and Wayfinder Stands

Our exhibition pop-ups and Wayfinder Stands offer versatility and recyclability. The graphics can be reused, making them a sustainable choice for showcasing your products or events.

Fabric Printing: A Sustainable Trend

Fabric printing gained popularity with reusability for stands, backdrops, and booths. Dye-sub printed on 260gsm 100% stretch polyester, these prints are machine washable, fire-retardant, and fade-resistant.

While every product has its pros and cons, financially and environmentally, we’re here to address your questions. Reach out, and let’s explore how our eco-friendly printing solutions can align with your needs.

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