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Companies are turning to The Printroom Group’s Marketing Portals for streamlined Business Card Ordering. Our Business Card Ordering Portal simplifies the entire process for companies, from small businesses to large franchises with multiple locations. Offering customisable templates, easy reordering, and efficient approval workflows, it saves time, money, and ensures brand consistency.

How Does Our Marketing Portal Work?

The Printroom Marketing Portal serves as a centralised platform, allowing employees to effortlessly order and customise their business cards and other marketing materials from a private, self-service online store. This approach streamlines the ordering process, ensures brand consistency, and empowers employees to access what they need when they need it.

By creating a private online storefront exclusively for employees, companies maintain consistent branding and design across all materials. The Business Card Portal simplifies ordering, reordering, and management of business cards. It provides customisable templates, self-ordering capabilities, an approval workflow, and bulk-ordering options. With this Portal, businesses save time and money while ensuring employees always have access to high-quality, on-brand business cards.

Who Benefits from The Printroom Marketing Portal for Business Card Ordering?

Our Marketing Portal is trusted by numerous Blue Chip and SMEs worldwide, including notable names like TRL, Dell Computers, and Ready Power.

Discover how The Printroom Group’s Marketing Portal can elevate your business card ordering experience. Find out more in our e-book “How a Marketing Portal can Benefit your Business” or connect with our team at 📘✉️ #MarketingSolutions #BrandConsistency #PrintroomSuccess

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Whether you need printed brochures, business cards, posters, presentation folders, annual reports or letterheads, The Printroom Group offer the perfect print solution.

Our clients include blue-chip companies, software companies and charities. We also produce all aspects of school printing and promotional material and work closely with marketing and communication departments in many industries.


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