Revolutionising Charity Marketing

Revolutionising Charity Marketing: Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Online Marketing Portal

In the ever-evolving landscape of charity fundraising, Make-A-Wish Foundation faced a daunting challenge – streamlining marketing processes across its UK fundraisers while safeguarding its strong global brand. Enter The Printroom Group’s Online Marketing Portal, an innovative solution designed to not only meet the unique needs of Make-A-Wish but also redefine the dynamics of charity sector marketing.

Challenges in Fundraising Marketing:

The traditional approach involved a cumbersome process, from localised artwork amendments to approval and distribution. Make-A-Wish, a globally recognised brand, couldn’t afford delays in fundraising at the local level while striving to uphold brand consistency.

The Printroom Group’s Comprehensive Solution:

The Online Marketing Portal, custom-crafted for Make-A-Wish Foundation, introduced a paradigm shift, offering a myriad of benefits to the international charity. Beyond its core objectives, the platform seamlessly incorporates marketing insights, budget control, approval management, and brand-controlled marketing templates, aligning seamlessly with Make-A-Wish’s multifaceted requirements.

Key Benefits Amplified:

Reducing Marketing Costs:

Empowering non-designers to make routine content changes and localise campaign materials. Enabling the creation of unique content for campaigns while safeguarding the Make-A-Wish brand. Incorporating budget control mechanisms to enhance fiscal responsibility and allocate resources judiciously.

Controlling Brand Consistency:

Uploaded artwork templates provide control to the Make-A-Wish Marketing Team, ensuring brand guidelines are adhered to. Allowing localised fundraisers, the flexibility to make changes within defined parameters such as addresses and individual text. Streamlining approval processes through a visual dashboard, ensuring quality and compliance.

Accelerating Fundraising and Marketing:

Fundraisers now have the ability to change and order artwork swiftly, deploying campaigns within minutes instead of weeks. A simplified process ensures faster execution, contributing to the Foundation’s mission at a more efficient pace. Integration of marketing insights tools to uncover usage patterns and enhance the performance of marketing materials.

Efficient Budget Control:

Assigning budgets and refresh frequency for users, distributors, or partners. Providing extra budget on-demand or based on the performance of a user. A comprehensive dashboard visualising marketing spending across the organisation, preventing overages.

Streamlined Approval Management:

Implementing a granular sign-off process for specific users or critical marketing campaigns. The approval centre offers a simple, visual way for managers to approve, decline, and comment on marketing assets produced in the portal.

Seamless Artwork Creation:

Empowering users to create flexible, branded templates for operational marketing without depleting central marketing resources. Eliminating time-consuming email chains, proofing cycles, and sign-off processes.

Unlocking the power of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems to leverage existing content for creating new, relevant marketing materials.

Connecting Dreams to Reality:

With the Online Marketing Portal, Make-A-Wish Foundation has not only streamlined its marketing processes but has also amplified its ability to control budgets, gain insights, and ensure brand consistency across diverse campaigns. To learn more about the inspiring work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and explore the possibilities of contributing to their cause, visit

In the realm of charity sector marketing ideas, The Printroom Group’s Online Marketing Portal stands tall as a beacon of efficiency, innovation, and brand integrity, fostering a new era in the pursuit of dreams and fundraising success. Unlock the power of your charity’s marketing potential with The Printroom Group’s cutting-edge solutions.

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