The Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy, the world’s largest science-based, nutrition-focused online educational institution, offers a diverse range of certifications in Health Sciences. From Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor Courses to an Advanced Nutrition Business Growth Program Diploma, the academy empowers individuals with comprehensive knowledge. As enrolment in their programs surged, the need for an efficient print and fulfilment solution became evident.

Challenges Faced by The Health Sciences Academy:

Upon enrolment, each student receives a paper manual, adding a layer of complexity to the academy’s operations. The challenge was to find a print agency that could handle the entire process, from printing manuals to worldwide distribution, allowing the academy to focus on its core mission of developing courses and advancing nutritional science.

The Printroom’s Comprehensive Solution:

The Printroom Group’s Print on Demand service, combined with the tailored Marketing Portal, emerged as the ideal solution. The Printroom designed a bespoke Marketing Portal, transforming the manual ordering process into a seamless experience for course administrators.

Marketing Portal Functionality:

The Marketing Portal serves as a personalised Amazon Store for course administrators, available 24/7. Administrators input student details into the portal, generating a personalized cover for each course manual. The portal categorises deliveries into the UK, Europe, and the Rest of The World. Each with separate costs for training manuals, including delivery. Previous orders and student records are efficiently managed within the portal.

Printing and Binding Excellence:

The training manuals, divided into three sections, are individually ring-bound with FSC uncoated stock. The manuals are printed in full colour on Canon Digital presses and maintain a standard UK A4 size. The Marketing Portal personalizes each cover, printed on Indestructible Paper for added protection.

Worldwide Print and Distribution:

The Printroom handles the entire process, from printing to worldwide distribution. Manuals are dispatched to homes and businesses globally, utilizing DHL courier services. Each student receives a DHL tracking number for real-time delivery updates. The Health Sciences Academy administrators are notified of each delivery, ensuring transparency and accountability. The dedicated Account Manager, Nook, serves as the main point of contact for the academy’s admin team, simplifying communication and coordination.

Efficient Account Management:

Nook, the dedicated Account Manager, streamlines communication and handles any ad-hoc projects or liaisons with the Shipping Team and couriers. With a focus on efficiency, Nook is available on the Marketing Portal’s online chat from 9 am to 5 pm, providing a direct point of contact for any queries.

Benefits and Future Growth:

The Printroom’s integrated solution resolved the immediate challenges faced by The Health Sciences Academy and positioned them for sustained growth. The streamlined print and fulfilment process and efficient account management allow the academy to concentrate on its core mission without being burdened by logistics.


In conclusion, The Printroom’s Print on Demand service and Marketing Portal have optimised the print and distribution process and established a seamless and effective collaboration with The Health Sciences Academy. This strategic partnership ensures that the academy can continue its global educational impact with a focus on science-based nutrition, leaving the intricacies of print and fulfilment in capable hands.

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