The Printroom Calendar Story

The Printroom Group: A Legacy of Excellence in Corporate Calendar Printing

Nestled in the heart of Bracknell, England, The Printroom Group has been a stalwart in the world of corporate marketing since the 1980s. This esteemed company boasts a rich history of producing high-quality desk calendars, an indispensable marketing tool that SMEs and corporations cherish.

In the competitive landscape of corporate branding, The Printroom Group recognised the potential of desk calendars as a powerful promotional asset back in the 1990s. While seemingly simple, these calendars proved to be an effective strategy for remaining at the forefront of their clients’ minds throughout the year. They served as practical desk accessories and as elegant reminders of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in printing services.

The pivotal moment in The Printroom Group’s calendar printing journey arrived in 1997 when they decided to maintain an inventory of calendars for their esteemed clientele. These calendars swiftly became prized keepsakes, symbolising the company’s dedication to delivering outstanding quality and service. Remarkably, even in today’s digital age, The Printroom Group continues to receive annual requests for new calendars, a testament to this promotional tool’s enduring popularity and success.

The Printroom Group has consistently evolved its calendar designs throughout the years, embracing changes in style, graphics, fonts, and overall aesthetics. The company’s dedication to keeping its calendars fresh and appealing has resulted in a diverse range of styles, each year presenting a unique and captivating design that resonates with both SMEs and corporations.

In recent years, The Printroom Group has embraced thematic calendars as part of its strategy. For instance, in 2024, they have chosen to feature thought-provoking quotes by influential figures, adding an intellectual and motivational dimension to their calendars. The calendars have also kept to using a fun element in the design. This strategic approach underscores their adaptability and commitment to meeting the branding needs of modern businesses.

In conclusion, The Printroom Group’s remarkable journey through the world of corporate calendar printing is a testament to its unwavering commitment to professionalism and excellence. From their modest beginnings in the 1980s to becoming a trusted name in the industry, their dedication to innovation and client satisfaction has never wavered. As they continue to produce exquisite calendars that captivate and inspire, it’s no surprise that SMEs and corporations eagerly anticipate their annual calendar releases. The Printroom Group’s legacy in Bracknell, England, stands as a shining example of how printed calendars can endure as invaluable promotional tools for businesses of all sizes.

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