Augmented Reality for Printed Marketing

What is Augmented Reality?

By using a smart device with a camera, such as a smartphone, augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. This technology makes an almost seamless virtual world in which you can see things through your screen that is not physically there.

Why use Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, also known as AR, is a forward-thinking solution for interacting with products. A person likes to know how something may fit into their life before they make a purchase. For example, Dulux has an AR app which lets you move around your room and repaint the walls, giving you an idea of how it is likely to look.
If you were to look on the Specsavers website, they offer an AR solution that lets you virtually try on their glasses range. This eliminates the need to go into the store.
With these immediate solutions, this technology helps encourage online calls to action, such as making a purchase. This is what customers are increasingly expecting in the retail world.

What else can I do with AR?

Stepping out of the shopping situation, AR offers many other possibilities.
In education, you can walk around a human body, interacting with the layers of skin, muscle and bones. You can also increase the size of things that would, in real life, be small and hard to see. It also illustrates things that you wouldn’t ever see, such as a set of molecules.
AR offers a fun way to do something simple, like visiting a website or a social media page. By hovering over a printed flyer with a picture of a screen, using an AR app, you can watch a video. This eliminates the fact people may not bother typing in a website link to a video if it is just a link written in your text. Having interaction like this enables your printed marketing to stay tidy and presentable, and letting the AR be the part with more information. No more overcrowding your page with relevant info. All the more important now that we see how vital good branding is with a clear message. A great way of keeping us ahead of the competition.

Let people have a more immersive (and fun) experience with your marketing!

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