Installing in Wet and Humid Areas

We know the importance of getting your final product to look as perfect as possible. Here we have given you some pointers so you can make sure that your wallcoverings look tidy and professional in wet and humid areas such as your kitchens and bathrooms.

You will need to ensure that the wall is entirely sound and dry before any primer is applied and in between the preparation and installation of the wallcovering.

We recommend that you use Zinsser B.I.N primer/sealer following the manufacturer’s guidelines, and allow for it to cure fully for 48hrs before installing the wallcovering.
Murabond Sealed Surface adhesive should be used – 1 x 5kg tub will be enough to cover up to 25m2 of a wall.

Apply the wallcovering with overlap and trim joints using plastic strips.

Allow 24/48hrs, subject to the environment, for the wallcovering adhesive to dry before sealing. Use Dow Corning sealant at the top/bottom and side plus Kemweld for the wallcovering joins.
The Kemweld can be applied by the wallcovering installer, but we would recommend that the Dow Corning is applied by a mastic installer.

You can always contact us for any queries for installing your wallcoverings. If you have even the slightest concern, it’s more sensible and cost-efficient to ask questions before you try installing!

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