How Do I Supply Artwork For Printing Scratch Cards?

How Do I Supply Artwork For Printing Scratch Cards?

Winning & Losing Scratch Cards. Discover our captivating range of cards, where each variation is thoughtfully crafted to be either a ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ card, adding excitement and anticipation to the gaming experience.

Ordering Scratch Cards with multiple variations

If you’re interested in Scratch Cards with multiple variations (250 x prize one, 1,000 x prize two), simply add one set of the desired quantity to your Basket. During the ordering process, there’s no need to upload separate files for each variation. Instead, select the Duplicate icon next to the product title to create additional variations of the same product effortlessly. You can easily adjust the quantity for each item in your Basket before proceeding to checkout.

Indicating prizes under the latex panel To ensure a seamless gaming experience, it’s crucial to incorporate the text or symbols for the game or prizes under the latex panel within the artwork itself. These should be placed on the same layer as the main artwork for the card, allowing players to unveil the exciting surprises hidden beneath.

To prevent any visibility of the artwork through the latex, we strongly advise adhering to the following guidelines:

    • The background should be set to 20% black.
    • Graphics should exclusively use tints of black, ranging between 30% and 50%.
    • Text should employ a black 50% tint only.

WARNING: Deviating from the specified guidelines may lead to unexpected outcomes, potentially causing your artwork to be visible through the latex layer.

Ensure optimal visibility of your artwork under the scratch panel by incorporating suitable contrast. Avoid using 8 pt type in 30% black and expecting it to be clearly visible. Strive for a balance that guarantees legibility and enhances the overall user experience.

Design Tips for Scratch Cards

Design with Consideration for Mis-Registration

Please keep in mind that the latex application on our cards utilizes a screen printing process, and as such, there may be slight variations in registration with the print, typically within a range of ±2 mm. Therefore, it is advisable to design your artwork with a little tolerance for potential mis-registration.

Expect Panel Movement

Due to the nature of the printing process, it is important to anticipate some movement of the latex panel element on the page. This movement can occur within a range of up to ±2 mm. By accounting for this possibility, you can ensure that your design remains visually appealing even if there is slight misalignment.

Avoid Bleeding and Encroachment

To maintain a clean and professional appearance, please refrain from extending the latex panel beyond the edge of the artwork. Additionally, for scratch panels, it is recommended to avoid encroaching into the quiet zone. This will help maintain the integrity of the design and ensure that the scratch panels are well-positioned within the designated areas.

Simplify Panel Shape for Optimal Results

For the best outcome, it is advisable to keep the shape of your scratch panels simple and straightforward. We recommend utilizing shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, and diamonds.

By taking these considerations into account during the design process, you can optimize the visual quality and functionality of your cards, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Things To Avoid When Designing Scratch Cards

To ensure a smooth and reliable scratching experience, it is important to avoid incorporating acute angles and corners with a small radius in your panel design. These elements may compromise the integrity of the latex and result in less satisfactory performance.

Prevent Latex Bleeding

To maintain the quality and durability of your cards, it is crucial to avoid bleeding the latex shape over the edge of the designated area. When the job is guillotined, bleeding can lead to chipping and flaking, which may diminish the overall appearance and functionality of the cards.

Use Vector Format for Latex

To ensure the best reproduction of your scratch panels, it is essential to supply the latex in vector format. This format allows for precise scaling and ensures a high-quality result.

Multiple Panel Placement

You have the flexibility to position multiple scratch panels anywhere on the front of the design. However, it is recommended to maintain a minimum space of 4mm between each panel to maintain visual clarity and avoid unintended scratching.

Minimum Latex Panel Size

To ensure optimal performance and predictable results, we recommend a minimum panel size of 10 mm square. Anything smaller than this threshold is produced at your own risk, as the process becomes increasingly unpredictable at smaller sizes.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can create scratch cards that not only look appealing but also provide a satisfying and reliable user experience.

Considerations for Scratch Card Reverse Design

When designing the reverse side of a Scratch Card, please take the following factors into account:

CMYK Usage and Ink Levels

You may utilize CMYK colours for the reverse side; however, it is recommended to keep the total ink level below 225% for optimal results. In particular, for large areas of colour exceeding 20mm square, it is advisable to aim for an ink level below 150% if feasible. This helps to prevent issues associated with the highly absorbent uncoated paper used for the reverse side.

Preventing Set-Off

Due to the nature of uncoated paper, there is a risk of set-off, which occurs when large blocks of solids are used, and the ink transfers onto other parts of the card. To mitigate this, it is recommended to avoid solid blocks of 100% black on the reverse side. Additionally, it is best to keep solids in large areas below 150% total ink to minimize the potential for set-off.

Avoid Bleeding and Tacky Areas

To ensure optimal results, it is best to refrain from bleeding solid colours over 150% total ink beyond the page edge. This is particularly important considering the lamination process, which generates heat. Areas with excessive ink can become tacky and adhere to the glossy front of the sheet beneath it in the pile, potentially causing issues.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can enhance the visual appeal and quality of the reverse side of your Scratch Cards while minimizing potential printing and production challenges.

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