How Should I Print My Flyer?

Flyers come in a range of formats. There are two essential points to get started. Firstly, deciding how best represent yourself/ your brand. Secondly, by making sure you capture the attention of your customers in the best way possible.

So how do you do this?

Represent your brand:

Be Clear – Make sure that your brand assets, such as your logo, are clear and high-quality. A common misconception is that your logo needs to be BIGGER to stand out. Instead, make sure that you’ve positioned it away from any background images or text. Also, make sure that it is sitting on a colour that complements its visibility.

Be Appropriate – Think about your tone of voice. Does your text speak in the way your brand would talk to your customers? Is it too pushy? Is it too relaxed? Does your “call to action” encourage people to take the next step?

Be Recognisable – Does your design look like the rest of your branded materials. Does it have the same style as your posters, business cards and signage? By maintaining a design style, you will help customers recognise that this is a flyer from your company.

Finding your customers:

The Right Size – Print can be pretty much any size you want. So how do you choose between A4, A5 and A6?; for example. You’ll have to think about how and where you’ll be handing these out. If you are at an exhibition trade stand, perhaps it’s better to stick to A5 or A6 (smaller sizes) as people visiting each stand don’t want to be cluttered with loads of bits of paper. The larger paper will be more challenging to carry. Some might even prefer to fold it up and put it in their pocket, as they would with business cards. 
Alternatively, if you decided to distribute your flyers directly into their letterbox, you might want to use a larger size. When people are at home, they are at a more relaxed pace and are more likely to have time to sit down and read the flyer. This also opens you to the opportunity of having a folded leaflet or booklet.

The Right Paper Thickness – Depending on who your clients are, you might want to show yourself as a luxury brand, or perhaps instead you want to indicate that you are affordable. Subtle hints like a choice of paper thickness and specialised finishes will help show this.

The Right Communication – With regards to how you distribute your flyers, think about if your printed flyer will be beneficial if given in that way. For example, a pizza flyer through your door will be effective, even if it’s on thinner paper thickness and overwhelmed with information. This is because people just need to be reminded of pizza and will often make a choice whether to order. A constant brand name is typically enough, perhaps why Dominoes likes to text you every Tuesday!
With lesser-known brands, it’s sometimes better to approach your customer more personally. Exhibitions and trade shows, or leaving flyers on your shop counter may be a great way to start a conversation, helping grow trust in your brand.

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